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Spring Courses Currently in Session

Investigating the Paranormal, Scientific Parapsychology, & Expressing Conscious Living certificates. Click through for more details!

Courses Now Available - Spring 2022

    • Field Investigations: Apparitions, Hauntings, & Poltergeists (8 weeks)
      with Loyd Auerbach, MS
      Wednesday: May 4th - June 29th
      8:00pm - 9:30pm Eastern Time
      Tuition: $225 ($199 Rhine Members)

      Ghost spiritWomanLearn about the paranormal and the scientific approach to the study of apparitions, hauntings, and poltergeists.

      The Field Investigations course is designed as an overview to introduce students to the methodologies of parapsychologists specifically with regard to the spontaneous occurrence of psychic experiences as they occur outside laboratory settings, with a main focus on cases of reported Apparitions, Hauntings and Poltergeists. Attendees will gain an understanding of the very basic skills and needed for investigation of ghosts, poltergeists, haunted places and related psychic experiences.

      The class will include:

      • The conceptual models of the phenomena
      • How the scientific and psychic approaches can mesh together
      • How to assess a situation, investigate it, and resolve the case to the satisfaction of the people having the experiences

      Instructor Loyd Auerbach is an expert in this field and provides personal insight based on some of his favorite investigations.


    • Paranthropology: A cultural approach to psi (8 weeks)
      with Loyd Auerbach, MS
      Tuesday, May 3rd - June 28th
      8:00pm - 9:30pm Eastern Time
      Tuition: $225 ($199 for Rhine Members)

      Streaming ConsciousnessHow do native cultures view psi phenomena?

      How do culture-based beliefs and folklore around healing and psychokinesis differ between places like China, Mexico, and the Australian Outback? Why are seers and clairvoyants accepted in some cultures but shunned by others, modern culture included? How are culture-bound/religion-bound magic, witchcraft, and sorcery beliefs related to psychic abilities and experiences?

      This 8-week academic course will be a high level overview of the ideas and beliefs of psychic experiences, the human mind and spirit, and related areas (life after death, reincarnation, etc.) as those beliefs have been “seen” by anthropologists and parapsychologists around the world. We will look at the possible instances of psi phenomena best reported in studies of divination, witchcraft and sorcery beliefs and practices, various cross cultural studies, modern beliefs in the occult and supernatural, and the application of psychic functioning in archaeology and anthropology. From the parapsychological side, we will examine the ways culture affects belief, which in turn affects the psychic experience.


    • Experiencing the Exceptional and Extraordinary (4 weeks)
      with Chantal Toporow, PhD
      Thursday: May 19th - June 9th
       7:00pm - 9:00pm Eastern Time
      Tuition: $99 ($79 for Rhine Members)

      This course is included in the Expressing Conscious Living certificate program.

      StreamingConsciousnessThis is a Seminar course that will involve live student interaction and discussions. Limited enrollment.

      What types of experiences do people report? Who reports them? What are some of the theories behind some of these experiences? How are these experiences evaluated and investigated?

      This 4 week course will provide overview of the full range and depths of exceptional experiences, also known as anomalous events, including experiences of hallucinations, lucid and precognitive dreams, near-death and out-of body events, UFO sightings, alien abductions, psychokinesis, remote viewing, mysticism, anomalous healing, psi-events and past-lives.

      Experiencing the Exceptional and Extraordinary will evaluate whether there are underlying similarities among all the phenomena and the issues with moving forward with a new scientific paradigm.


    • Premonitions: A peek into the future (4 weeks)
      with Christopher Laursen, PhD
      Tuesday: May 17th - June 7th
      2:00pm - 4:00pm Eastern Time
      Tuition: $99 ($79 for Rhine Members)

      Background BlueMoonPremonitions have been reported from the earliest recorded history from seers and psychics to shamans and mystics. How can we come to terms with meaningful precognitive experiences – whether we ourselves experience precognition firsthand, or if we hear about such experiences from other people, in research, or in popular culture?

      This course explores how a variety of experiencers and researchers in societies around the world have made sense of premonitions and precognitive experiences. What roles do our culture and previous life experiences play in considering the meaning found in premonitions? This course seeks to gain a better understanding of why precognition matters and how it can be integrated into our daily lives.

      Students will examine how premonitions are translated by societies and cultures, and how to navigate diverse perspectives, beliefs, and doubts about precognition. Students will also be introduced to tools that can be applied both to advancing your studies of psi as well as exploring experiences.


    • Investigating Reincarnation & Near-death Experiences (8 weeks)
      with John G. Kruth, MS
      Monday: May 2nd - June 27th
      This course has been delayed to a future session
      7:00pm - 9:00pm Eastern Time
      Tuition: $225 ($199 for Rhine Members)

      NDEImage01In this 8-week academic course, students will be introduced to the nature of Cases of the Reincarnation Type (CORT) and Near-death Experiences (NDEs). Important features of convincing cases will be discussed as well as the methods researchers use to examine events that cannot be brought into the laboratory.

      Reincarnation ManyLivesDo these phenomena provide evidence to support the survival of human spirit after physical death? What sort of questions must be considered when interviewing reports of CORT and NDEs? Are there specific indicators that a case is more than just imagination or creativity?

      These questions, as well as descriptions of evidential cases will be presented and available for discussion in this course.


Spring Courses Currently in Session

Courses offered by the Rhine Education Center are designed as professional courses to provide education in Parapsychology. Students are able to participate in weekly discussion forums and progress is evaluated throughout the courses.

Many courses are strictly for informational purposes, but some courses can be applied to certificate programs offered by the Rhine Education Center.  Though not an accredited institution, the Rhine Education Center provides a professional educational opportunity for students.

Classes are broadcast once a week, but they are also recorded if you are not able to attend the live broadcast.  You can watch the recordings and post in the forums at your convenience.

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