Syllabus: Introduction to Dowsing

Course Objectives

This four-week online dowsing tutorial is designed to introduce you to dowsing principles and ways of using it to enhance your life and improve your choices and decisions in epistemically challenging situations. We start with the fundamentals of dowsing.

Course Description

Dowsing is an ancient skill with modern applications. Come to renewed prominence thanks to its value as an additional tool in remote viewing, it offers a solution to the “search” problem: That is, locating things that remote viewing can only “find”—help you learn the “where” when you already know the “what.” (Discover what this means on the first day of our course!). It can be useful in decision-making scenarios where nothing else can work, in certain future-prediction environments, and in determining facts and other information that are otherwise obscured from normal sources of discovery.

We explore:

  • Dowsing theory
  • Dowsing applications
  • Dowsing tools (you will receive instructions on creating your own dowsing implements from basic materials)
  • Techniques and approaches for special dowsing circumstances

The course includes:

  • Basic dowsing exercises
  • Fundamentals of map dowsing,
  • Timeline dowsing
  • Diagram dowsing and
  • Decisional dowsing.

The instruction will alternate between instructional presentations and hands-on dowsing exercises beginning with the basics and building into techniques useful for increasingly complex problem-solving.

Even though dowsing has reemerged in the remote viewing context, you don’t have to be a remote viewer to take this class. But if you are a remote viewer, you will find this tool a valuable enhancement to your remote viewing tool chest, and well worth the time and resources required to develop it. And if you’re not a remote viewer, don’t let that get in your way! The dowsing principles and techniques you learn here can still be a valuable asset in helping with many of life’s challenges.

Course Outline

    1. Dowsing Basics

How to you find something that you don't know where it is?

    • Dowsing for teddy bears
    • The search problem
    • Dowsing/remote viewing relationship
    • Origins of dowsing
    • Dowsing fundamentals and theory
    • Dowsing weaknesses and strengths
    • Types of dowsing
    • Dowsing tools
  1. Dowsing in Detail

    There's more to dowsing than you might think!

    • Science and dowsing
    • The ideomotor effect
    • Dowsing and consciousness phenomena (AOL, etc.)
    • Using pendulums for dowsing
    • Pendulum puzzle solving exercises
  2. Practical Dowsing, Part I

    Applying dowsing to get information

    • Map dowsing
    • Map Dowsing exercise
    • Diagram dowsing
    • Diagram dowsing exercises
    • Matrix dowsing
    • Matrix dowsing exercises
  3. Practical Dowsing, Part II

    Using dowsing for decision making

    • Continuum dowsing
    • Continuum dowsing exercises
    • Dowsing timelines
    • Timeline dowsing exercises
    • Dowsing life problems

Course Materials

Various articles, videos, and other information provided throughout the course.

Course Activities


  • Students will be expected to view the class broadcasts or the recordings of the classes each week.
  • Students will be expected to participate in weekly discussion forums and activities. Each student will be expected to provide an original posting each week and to respond to at least one other student in the discussion forums. Greater participation in this area will be considered during class evaluations.
  • Exercises and practice sessions may be included in the course activities


Evaluation and Grading

This course will be evaluated based on the student's activity and completion of the activities, discussions, and exercises. Letter grades will not be provided for this course, but you must complete each of the activities to be recognized as completing this course.

Participation in the forums is a large component of the evaluation, and substantive postings are necessary to get full credit for each discussion topic.