Syllabus: EVP, ITC, and Other Technologies Used to Investigate Paranormal Phenomena
Instructor: Loyd Auerbach

About the course:

This 4-week course will focus on the technology used to examine paranormal phenomena. The course will explore Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP), Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC), and other technology that is often used in the investigation of paranormal phenomena.

Instructor Loyd Auerbach is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable experts on the paranormal. His courses are always well attended and some of the most exciting courses offered at the Rhine Education Center.

Weekly Topics

  • Week 1: What Kind of Technology?
    1. Brief overview of what phenomena we'll be covering (spontaneous PK, ESP and mainly apparitions, hauntings and poltergeists)
    2. Brief History of Technology in parapsychological field investigation (from measuring tapes & talcum powder to today's electronic devices)
    3. Psychics and Mediums as detectors/sensors
  • Week 2: Visual Tech: Photography and Videography; use of video in ITC
  • Week 3: Audio Tech:
    1. More on ITC with a focus on EVP
    2. Phone calls from the Dead
    3. Infrasound and sound detectors
    4. Ovilus/digital dowser and other audio-based tech
  • Week 4: The Rest of the Tech
    1. EMF, temperature and other environmental sensors
    2. Other "new" technology
    3. Dowsing rods and seemingly random devices (like flashlights used for communication)
    4. Endgame: What does the Evidence actually show: Causal connections, Correlations or Wishful Thinking?


Required readings will be provided in the REC classroom. Students may read ahead.

Suggested readings (articles, books, and blogs), YouTube videos, experiencer websites and links to other fascinating materials will also be provided for those who are interested in delving more deeply into some aspect of Paranormal Investigations on their own.