Syllabus - Dreams and ESP: Introduction to Exceptional Dreaming

Instructor:  Ryan Hurd

About the course:

This special four week adult education course will focus on the fascinating topic of Extraordinary dreams, including telepathic and precognitive dreams, as well as other kinds of impactful and “anomalous” events that happen while we sleep. Each week will include a live class broadcast, some suggested readings or videos, and a discussion forum on the topic of the week. We will also have a fun dream telepathy contest for those who wish to take part. Topics will include: extraordinary dreams throughout history; contemporary Dream Telepathy experiments; the connection between precognition (seeing the future) and dreams; and how to work with extraordinary dreams in your own life.

This is a seminar course and will not be graded.

Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of the course students will be able to:

  1. Describe the history of dreaming and ESP from ancient times to today.
  2. Describe experimental efforts to understand the experience of ESP in dreams.
  3. Discuss how the future seems to influence dreams and what actions dreamers have taken in response to such dreams.
  4. Find more resources on ESP and dreaming for future study.

Weekly Topics

Week 1:  Introduction to Extraordinary Dreaming: Impactful dreams, Psi Dreaming, and Visitation Dreams.

Week 2: Psi Dreaming: History and Evidence for Telepathic, Precognitive, and Post-cognitive dreams.

Week 3: Contemporary Dream Telepathy Experiments and Psi Dreaming Contest with Dr. Angel Morgan.

Week 4: Working with Extraordinary Dreams (and contest winners announced!)

Class Materials

Suggested readings (articles, books, and blogs), YouTube videos, experiencer websites and links to other fascinating materials will be provided for those who are interested in delving more deeply into ESP and dreams.

To Get the Most out of the Class

Join us to watch the live broadcast or watch the recording at your leisure. Log into the REC Classroom, meet your classmates, join the discussions, and take advantage of the free materials uploaded to the classroom for further study.  Be part of the dream telepathy experiment offered in the class to get the most out of the experience.