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Courses Now Available - Summer 2021

        • Remote Viewing Special Topics: Practical Precognition (4 weeks)
          with Paul H. Smith, PhD
          Wednesday: August 11th - September 1st
          7:00pm - 9:00pm Eastern Time
          Tuition: $99 (Tuition Reduced!)

          RemoteViewingExperienceThere is evidence that humans can perceive the future, even before any of us get there. But how can we use that knowledge in practical ways? This online course and workshop introduces concepts necessary to understand what is going on with practical precognition, such as the nature of time; what we can actually “know” about the future; the role played by human intention; whether the future can be “changed”; and so on.

          We’ll discuss what some of the limitations are for precognition and how to deal with them as far as it is possible. Methods–both natural and learned–that allow us to exploit the process to gain concrete advantage of such advanced knowledge will be dissected and explored.

          Other topics for discussion include requirements for precognition to be useful; providing actionable information; documentation and journaling requirements; etc. And we will actually attempt some practical precognition exercises.


        • Art as Psi: A Portal to the Mysterious, Mystical, and Miraculous (4 weeks)
          (This course qualifies for some certificate programs)
          with Chantal Toporow, PhD
          Tuesday, August 10th - August 31st
          2:00pm - 4:00pm Eastern Time
          Tuition: $79 (Tuition Reduced!)

          NDEImage01This 4 week course is designed for anyone who wishes to gain a deeper understanding of how Art has given us a series of clues about the Psi human experience. We will review critical artworks going back to ancient times and we will wander across the Art history timeline to present for illumination. Who were these renegade artists who saw the creative potential of expressing what Psi meant to them, and who tried to capture the miraculous and mystical through various art media and across various cultural contexts? We will explore how artists have used art to convey the extraordinary, the unimaginable...

          As we critically examine various art and art forms, the biography of a few selected artists will be placed within the framework of their time and their own personal and societal/cultural expressions. This journey shall enable the course participants to gain a deeper appreciation of a more obscure artistic legacy that has been given to us over the millennia, and to develop the tools to understand Art's more profound impact on our understanding of Psi phenomena and, equally, the importance of the creative muses in the exploration of consciousness.


        • Ethics in Field Investigations (4 weeks)
          with John G. Kruth, MS & Loyd Auerbach, MS
          Tuesday: August 10th - August 31st
           8:00pm - 10:00pm Eastern Time
          Tuition: $99 (Tuition Reduced)

          This course is included in the Professional Field Investigations certificate and the Paranormal Investigations certificate programs.

          StreamingConsciousnessThis 4-week course provides a discussion of the ethical issues that can arise in psi research and field investigations and introduces practices to ensure ethical considerations are being addressed.  Topics will include the basic foundation of ethics including an introduction to Institutional Review Boards and the ethical guidelines used by professional researchers.  In addition, examples will be provided from real-life investigations and situations that are often encountered by field investigators.

          Besides paranormal investigations, investigations also include exploring reincarnation, and practices related to mediumship and after-death communications.


        • How to Choose a Psychic (4 weeks)
          with Loyd Auerbach, M.S.
          Monday: August 9th - August 30th
          8:00pm - 9:30pm Eastern Time
          Tuition: $79

          GhostMomThis four week course is designed for people interested in finding a legitimate psychic, those who want to evaluate psychics, or even the researchers who wants to learn more about the skills necessary to determine if a psychic is fooling you or themselves.  The course will give you the basic tools to:

          • Properly understand what a practitioner means when using the term psychic, medium, channeler, or other similar labels.
            • How to find psychic practitioners for personal readings or to take on paranormal investigations.
            • How to understand the role of “window-dressing” that many practitioners (even genuine ones) might use, and how to get the practitioner past that.
            • How to act/react in a reading so you get the most out of the session, and some good questions to ask.
            • The qualities of the best psychics and mediums.
            • Psychic Fraud (and a guidance on what you might want to learn about Magic and Mentalism).
            • How to assess the psychic/medium practitioners’ claims and determine if they’re real or fraudulent.


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Courses offered by the Rhine Education Center are designed as professional courses to provide education in Parapsychology. Students are able to participate in weekly discussion forums and progress is evaluated throughout the courses.

Many courses are strictly for informational purposes, but some courses can be applied to certificate programs offered by the Rhine Education Center.  Though not an accredited institution, the Rhine Education Center provides a professional educational opportunity for students.

Classes are broadcast once a week, but they are also recorded if you are not able to attend the live broadcast.  You can watch the recordings and post in the forums at your convenience.

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