Sally Ann Drucker, PhD

Michael Sudduth Sally Ann Drucker, Ph.D. in Literature, has taught college-level writing and literature courses for several decades. Her fiction and poetry have appeared in numerous literary journals. She’s also written scripts for and performed dramatic re-creations of famous and infamous women at Chautauquas across the country.

Her work in parapsychology parallels her writing, teaching, and performing background. In the late 1970s, as a research assistant at the Maimonides Medical Center, she worked with Charles Honorton on altered states and psi, and with Athena Drewes on children’s psi. Articles in both areas were published in refereed parapsychology journals. A book, Parapsychological Research with Children: An Annotated Bibliography, appeared in 1991 (Scarecrow, Drewes and Drucker).

A member of the Parapsychological Association, Sally Ann Drucker has given a number of papers and presentations at PA conferences. In the 1980s and 90s, she taught at the Rhine Research Center’s Summer Study Program. Currently, she’s Vice-President of the Rhine Board of Directors, a member of the Rhine Internal Review Board, and an Associate Editor of the Journal of Parapsychology.