School of Consciousness Studies

Courses in the School of Consciousness Studies may be applied towards a certificate program or taken independently as continuing education courses.

The School of Consciousness Studies explores the nature of consciousness through the lens of parapsychology and a scientific approach to research and theory. The courses develop a foundation for the terminology, research methodology, theory, and the current state of the science of consciousness. Studies include explorations of phenomena related to ESP, mind-matter interaction, perceptions of time, the survival of consciousness beyond the physical body, altered states, and the relationship between these phenomena and other related topics in science such as evolution, psychology, and quantum physics.

In addition to studies of theory and phenomena, courses on research methodologies emphasize the approaches that are employed by parapsychologists, professional research and analysis techniques, ethical considerations, and the best-practices for designing and completing professional studies. Collaboration in research is encouraged including critical analysis, peer-review, and cooperative research designs.

Students in the School of Consciousness Studies are typically logic and science minded and are interested in developing a foundation for their own explorations into the nature of consciousness.

Major Areas of Study

Parapsychology (12 courses)


Research Methods (8 courses)


Theory (4 courses)


Associated Certificate Programs