Certificate Programs

Scientific Parapsychology Certificate

This program is designed to provide a foundation for the scientific study of phenomena related to consciousness studies through the lens of parapsychology. Students in this program will learn the basic foundations of parapsychology including terminology, research methods, and the important theories that guide scientific research.

This is a challenging program and requires a continued focus as the student is led through academic literature and peer-reviewed articles to develop an understanding of how the field developed, the current state of the field, and the important concepts that guide researchers to advance knowledge within the field.

Skills Development

The following skills are necessary to achieve a certificate in scientific parapsychology from the Rhine Education Center. Students will demonstrate these skills through their writings, their responses to course evaluations, and their project work.

  1. Recognition of possible phenomena and providing a critical evaluation of phenomena, activity, or events that are observed in a laboratory or reported in the field.
  2. Classification of phenomena according to academically recognized terminology
  3. Proper literature reviews, research techniques, and appropriate resources
  4. Critical evaluation of articles and research reports to determine their credibility and the importance of their contribution to advance the field of consciousness studies.
  5. The proper design for research projects in controlled conditions and in field research.
  6. The appropriate application of ethical standards in a research environment.
  7. Proper analysis methods and appropriate academic interpretations of research results
  8. Reporting techniques and appropriate platforms to disseminate information


Students must complete all courses with a passing grade. There are 14 required courses and a Final Project that will integrate knowledge from all areas of studies. In addition to the required courses, students must complete at least three (3) elective courses including one (1) elective course from the School of Applied Sciences and one (1) elective course from the School of Liberal Arts & Creative Sciences.

Estimated time to complete the program is 24 – 40 months.

Course Listing

  • School of Consciousness Studies

    • Parapsychology


      • Introduction to Parapsychology
      • Scientific Approach to ESP
      • Dreams & Altered States of Consciousness
      • Energy Healing & PK
      • Human Consciousness & Survival Studies
      • A Skeptical Approach to Parapsychology
      • Psychology & Psi


      • Eight Important Studies in Parapsychology
      • Reincarnation Studies
      • Beyond the Physical: The persistence of spirit (4 weeks)
      • Dreams & ESP (4 weeks)
      • Premonitions: A peek into the future (4 weeks)

    • Research Methods


            • Research Methods for Parapsychology
            • Quantitative Research Methods
            • Qualitative Research Methods
            • Introduction to Analysis Methods
            • Exploring Exceptional Experiences


          • Survey Methodology: An introduction

    • Theory


      • Theories of Psi
    • Electives

      • Presentiment: Exploring the nature & theories of time (4 weeks)
      • Evolution & the development of psi (4 weeks)
      • Quantum Physics & Psi (4 weeks)

  • School of Applied Sciences

    • Field Investigations


        • Field Investigations


        • Advanced Field Investigations
        • Ethics in Field Investigations

  • School of Liberal Arts & Creative Sciences

    • Culture


      • Paranthropology: A cultural approach to psi
      • Religious Perspectives on Psi
      History Electives
      • Historical Overview of Parapsychology (4 weeks)
      • People of Parapsychology

  • Final Project: Design a Research Project – Independent Study

Additional Information

Students can apply for the certificate program by sending an email to administration@rhineeducationcenter.org and expressing an interest in the program. Once accepted, the student is responsible to insure they complete each course in the program, take each for a grade, and achieve a passing grade in each course.

Once all of the courses are completed, the student must apply to complete the certificate by sending an email to administration@rhineeducationcenter.org. The student's transcript will be reviewed, and if the courses have all been completed with satisfactory grades, the certificate will be awarded.