How to Choose a Psychic
with Loyd Auerbach, MS

This 4 week course is presented as an ungraded continuing education course from the Rhine Education Center. It will consist of weekly class broadcasts on Monday evenings (August 9 - August 30) from 8:00pm - 10:00pm Eastern US Time, along with an interactive discussion forum where students can discuss class topics and intgeract with the course instructor.

If you cannot attend the live class broadcasts, you can watch the recordings of the classes when it is most convenient for you. Many successful students have attended courses by watching the class recordings.

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Course Description

How to Choose a Psychic or Medium (and how to assess a reading)

This four week course is designed for people interested in finding a legitimate psychic, those who want to evaluate psychics, or even the researchers who wants to learn more about the skills necessary to determine if a psychic is fooling you or themselves.  The course will give you the basic tools to:

  • Properly understand what a practitioner means when using the term psychic, medium, channeler, or other similar labels.
  • How to find psychic practitioners for personal readings or to take on paranormal investigations.
  • How to understand the role of “window-dressing” that many practitioners (even genuine ones) might use, and how to get the practitioner past that.
  • How to act/react in a reading so you get the most out of the session, and some good questions to ask.
  • The qualities of the best psychics and mediums.
  • Psychic Fraud (and a guidance on what you might want to learn about Magic and Mentalism).
  • How to assess the psychic/medium practitioners’ claims and determine if they’re real or fraudulent.

When: Live broadcasts once a week or watch the class recordings at your convenience.

Where: This is an ONLINE COURSE, so you can participate anywhere you have an internet connection.

Tuition: $79 (Tuition Reduced!)

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