Certificate Programs

Investigating the Paranormal: A Scientific Perspective

This program is designed to provide a foundation for paranormal investigations and integrate critical thinking into the process. It will discuss the necessary tools for a thorough investigation, but focus more on the best methods and approaches used by research investigators. In addition, this program will review the value of the media influence in investigations and discuss the theoretical foundation for survival after death and the research evidence for these phenomena.

This program will focus mainly on investigations of hauntings, apparitions, and poltergeists.

Estimated time to complete this program: 18 - 24 months

This series will include

  • a scientific exploration of field investigations done by trained parapsychologists
  • the difference between hauntings, apparitions, and poltergeists
  • identification of different phenomena often encountered
  • discussions of the best methods for investigations
  • equipment often used in investigations
  • how to tell if there is something worth investigating
  • the benefits and pitfalls of the paranormal TV shows
  • theories about survival after death and research evidence regarding these theories


  • Introduction to Parapsychology (8 week)
  • Field Investigations: Hauntings, Apparitions, & Poltergeists (8 week)
  • Advanced Field Investigations (8 week)
  • Paranormal Phenomena: EVP, ITC, and Other Technologies Used to Investigated the Paranormal (4 week)
  • Consciousness & Survival Studies (8 week)
  • A Skeptical Approach to Parapsychology (8 week)
  • Paranormal Case Studies (8 weeks)
  • Special Topics: Media, Publicity, & Professional Presentation (4 weeks) or Presenting the Paranormal to the Public (4 weeks)

Additional Information

Students can apply for the certificate program by sending an email to administration@rhineeducationcenter.org and expressing an interest in the program. Once accepted, the student is responsible to insure they complete each course in the program, take each for a grade, and achieve a passing grade in each course.

Once all of the courses are completed, the student must apply to complete the certificate by sending an email to administration@rhineeducationcenter.org. The student's transcript will be reviewed, and if the courses have all been completed with satisfactory grades, the certificate will be awarded.