Courses Offered by the Rhine Education Center

Continuing Education and Seminar Courses
The courses listed below are provided for students who have an interest in parapsychology but who may not wish to participate in a certificate program.  These courses are professionally prepared and presented, but that are not currently included in any of the certificate programs offered by the Rhine Education Center.  Some of these courses are eight (8) week courses, but most are four (4) week courses.

  1. Developing Your Intuition (4 weeks)
    This course utilizes scientific discoveries and a grounding in research to help the students to develop their own intuition skills.  This course involves discussions and practice sessions.

  2. Dreams and ESP (4 weeks)

  3. Experiencing the Exceptional & Extraordinary (4 weeks)

  4. How to Choose a Psychic (4 weeks)
    What to look for in a psychic and what to avoid (from a critical perspective).

  5. Paranormal Phenomena: EVP, ITC, and Other Technologies used to investigate the Paranormal (4 weeks)

  6. Special Topics in the Paranormal: Nontraditional technologies for investigations (4 weeks)

  7. Psi in Movies, TV, and Literature: What is Real? (4 weeks)

  8. Traveling Out of the Body: A Practical and Historical Perspective (4 weeks)

  9. The Role of Evolution in the Development of Psi (4 weeks)

  10. Programs at the Rhine - including video and audio presentations of previous programs at the Rhine (2 weeks)
  11. Theosophy: Theory, Practice, and Scientific Impacts (4 weeks)

  12. Religious Perspectives on Psi Phenomena (4 weeks)
    This course will explore how different religions view psi phenomena, paranormal experiences, and exceptional human abilities.  How have religions understood these events historically, and how are they integrated into their religious practices.

  13. Premonitions: A Peek Into the Future (4 weeks)

  14. Quantum Physics and Psi (4 weeks)

  15. Classic Books of Parapsychology (4 weeks)
  16. Overview of the History of Parapsychology (4 weeks)