Courses Offered by the Rhine Education Center

Additional Academically Oriented Courses and Seminars

These additional courses provide an academic exploration of selected topics while focusing on some shorter courses or courses that study a specific topic in great detail.  Some of these courses are eight (8) week courses, but most are four (4) week courses.

Many of these courses may qualify as part of a Certificate Program. In order for a course to qualify for a certificate program, the course must be taken for a grade, and the student must post a passing grade for the course.

  1. Eight (8) Important Studies in Parapsychology (8 weeks)
    This eight week course examines a different research study each week focusing on studies that expanded the scope of the field or made great strides in advancing the science.

  2. Theories of Psi (8 weeks)
    Including First Sight, Decision Augmentation Theory, the Decline Effect, Quantum Theory, and more.

  3. Remote Viewing (4 weeks)

  4. Paranthropology: A Cultural Approach to Psi (8 weeks)
    An anthropoligical approach to psi phenomena and parapsychology.

  5. Field Investigation: Hauntings, Apparitions, and Poltergeists (8 weeks)

  6. Advanced Field Investigations (Field Investigations II)

  7. Ethics in Field Investigations (4 weeks)

  8. Presentiment: Exploring the Nature and Theories of Time (4 weeks)

  9. Paranormal in American Culture:
    From Film & TV to Popular Literature & Comics
    (8 weeks)

  10. Art as Psi: A Portal to the Mysterious, Mystical, & Miraculous (4 Weeks)
  11. The Power of Nature: The folklore & practices of evoking the divine (4 Weeks)
  12. Reincarnation: Religious and Scientific Perspectives (8 weeks)

  13. The People of Parapsychology (8 weeks)
    Individual classes examining the lives and works of J.B. Rhine, Dean Radin, Russell Targ, and many more.

  14. Inside the Rhine Lab: The Early Years (4 weeks)

  15. Parapsychology: The early years I (pre-1880) (4 weeks)
  16. Telepathy, Mediums, Apparitions: The Beginnings of Parapsychology as a Science (4 weeks)
  17. Parapsychology: The early years III (1930 - 1985) (4 weeks)
  18. Modern Parapsychology (1985 - present) (4 weeks)

  19. Survey Methodology: Creating and Evaluating Surveys (8 weeks)
  20. Complete A Parapsychological Research Study