Human Consciousness & Survival Studies
with Loyd Auerbach, MS

This 8 week course from the Rhine Education Center may be taken as an adult education course or it may be applied towards a certificate program from the Rhine. It will consist of weekly class broadcasts, along with an interactive discussion forum where students can discuss class topics and interact with the course instructor.

If you cannot attend the live class broadcasts, you can watch the recordings of the classes when it is most convenient for you. Many successful students have attended courses by watching the class recordings.

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Course Description

This 8 week academic course examines the phenomena, experiences, and research related to the survival of human consciousness outside of the physical body. The course reviews the characteristics of Near Death Experiences (NDEs), Out of Body Experiences (OBEs), and after death communication (Mediumship) and examines the current research that is occurring in this area. Additional topics related to the survival of consciousness, including apparitions and hauntings, will also be explored.

Besides a discussion of the description of the phenomena and the evidence supporting the survival hypothesis, the course will also discuss qualitative investigations and laboratory studies into the effects of these experiences on individuals, and counselling efforts that have been used to help people with these experiences.

When: Live broadcasts once a week or watch the class recordings at your convenience.

Where: This is an ONLINE COURSE, so you can participate anywhere you have an internet connection.

Tuition: $224 (Rhine Members - $200)

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